Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cole is a weirdo..uh I mean Pretty kity

Well Its almost time for bed....
I was planning to read a little bit of Breaking Dawn(book 4 in twilight saga..already read it but i still love it ) but as my mom says Karma took a toll...I drop my book in water..=-(
Wow my brother Cole is a weirdo..He just ate a Cat treat....That scares me!
Hes new name is gonna Pretty Kity....Where did we go wrong?
Cole is 4 maybe he'll grow out of it.Lets cross our fingers shall we?

Well good nite
ROxy Girl


  1. You're too funny! Be nice to the kitty. :)

  2. I love reading before bed. It relaxes your mind and takes it off of everything else and into that other world. Love it!

    It could have been worse, Cole could have eaten kitty litter.

  3. Well you are off to a great start! A brother that eats cat treats! That is weird.
    I love all the twilight books too and I would be so upset if I dropped one in the water. I am trying to read Inkheart now, and it is OK, but not great.